James appears at numerous public and private events across the country as a master teacher. His breadth of knowledge and accessibility make him equally at home in a variety of settings, from major corporations to theatre festivals and youth events. He has served as teacher, trainer, speaker, guest artist and creative consultant.

2005 Sample Teaching/Consultant Appearances

January 15-16 :California Educational Theatre Association, Upland CA
January 20-22 : Educational Theatre Association Conference, Beverly Hills CA
February 16 : Overture, subsidiary of Yahoo!, Hollywood CA
March 3-5 : Arkansas Thespians, Alma AR
March 18-20 : California Thespians, Claremont CA
March 22 : California Youth in Theatre Day, Sacramento CA
April 7 : Senior Theatre, Ojai CA
May 10 : Cheetah Learning, Winsor CT
June 29: Los Angeles County Human Resources, Marina Del Rey CA
July 6-10 : Cheetah Learning, Haines AK
July 15: Kaiser, Newport Beach CA
July 19: ABC Television On-Air Promotions, Ritz Carlton Pasadena CA
July 24-28 : Summer Improv Theatre Camp, La Mirada CA
August 21-28 : World ComedySportz Tournament, Los Angeles CA
October 6-9 : California Educational Theatre Association, Universal
City CA

2004 Sample Teaching/Consultant Appearances

January 16-17 : Nebraska State Thespians, Lincoln, NB
January 17 : California Educational Theatre Association, Upland CA
February 12-14 : Montana Thespians, University of Montana, Missoula MT
March 12-14 : California State Thespians, Claremont CA
March 15-19 : McCombs Business School, University of Texas, Austin TX
March 19-20 : ComedySportz Houston, Houston TX
March 23 : California Youth in Theatre Day, Sacramento CA
April 4 : National Comedy Theatre, Hollywood CA
April 15 : Pasadena City College, Pasadena CA
June 21-25 : Donna Reed Festival, Denison, IA
July 18-22 : Summer Improv Theatre Camp, La Mirada CA
August 3 -7 : World Comedy League Tournament, Milwaukee WI
October 7-10 : California Educational Theatre Association, San Jose, CA

2003 Sample Teaching/Consultant Appearances, July - December

July 13-17 : Summer Improv Theatre Camp, La Mirada CA
July 16 : Extraordinary Events National Meeting, Los Angeles CA
July 29- Aug 2 : World Comedy League Tournament, Washington DC
August 15 : City of Downey Libraries, Downey CA
August 25 : Newport Harbor High School, Newport Beach CA
September 26 : Walt Disney Imagineering, Newhall CA
October 2-4 : Educational Theatre Association, Minneapolis MN
October 30 : Walt Disney Consumer Products, Marina Del Rey CA
October 30 : Maritz, St. Louis MO
November 15 : Middle School Improv Day, Palos Verdes CA
Novermber 21-22 : Arizona Thespians, Phoenix AZ
November 25 : Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles CA
December 4 : Walt Disney Global Toys, Los Angeles CA