James Thomas Bailey critics' comments/reviews:

"James Thomas Bailey's flea of a Mozart is sublime: quirky, unself-conscious, mercurial."
-- Los Angeles Times (Amadeus)

"Bailey's Mozart is a fully realized characterization of an irrational genius, both maddening and moving in his ingenuous single-mindedness."
-- LA Weekly (Amadeus)

"Witty and proficient...especially the simple believability of James Thomas Bailey's dopey, adolescent Mozart."
--Village View (Amadeus)

"By far, the most energetic is James Thomas Bailey. Bailey's coming to grips with his responsibilities shows off the finest singing talent and the most delightful charm the show has to offer."
--Los Angeles Times (Baby)

"Only James Thomas Bailey as Will Kemp displays the graceful eloquence needed to make Will's intoxication plausible."
-- Milwaukee Journal (A Cry of Players)

"I wept 23 times Friday night. The Impromptones were that funny...James Thomas Bailey is a stick of dynamite."
--The Austin American-Statesman (The Impromptones)

"A superb, enthusiastic cast. The highlight is a couple of vivacious rap numbers sung by an appropriatey impish Puck played by James Thomas Bailey."
--Village View (Dreamers)